901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223
Detailed Information

Name: B&O No. 1083
Other Numbers: B&O No.1043
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Dining car, 36 seats
Class:  B&O Class F-8
Manufactured by: Pullman Company
Date Built: 1924
Date Rebuilt: 1954

The Pullman Company built the No. 1043 as a heavyweight diner in 1924 for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The No.1043 spent 28 years on the secondary main line trains. In 1954, the No.1043 received a face lift at the Mt. Clare shops with its frame removed; the No. 1043 was transformed into a streamlined car. The roof was lowered, the side sheets and roof sheets were wielded together, and the picture windows were replaced. Also, at this time the No.1043 was renumbered as the No.1083. During the transformation, the traditional look of tables along the walls and still-life photos were replaced with booths and special mural. The No.1083 also received a stainless steel kitchen and an air conditioning system.

In 1954, the No.1083 began working on the "Capitol Limited" for its New York to Chicago service. Three years later, the No. 1083 was replaced by twin unit diners. After the No. 1083 was bumped from the "Capitol Limited" it moved to the "Ambassador" and the "National Limited." The No.1083 was officially retired and sent to the Baltimore &Ohio Railroad Museum in 1970.


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