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Detailed Information

Name: MDT/IC No.13715
Railroad of Record: Merchants Dispatch Transportation & Illinois Central Railroad
Type of Car: Refrigerator car, steel, 40' ice cooled
Manufactured by: Pacific Car & Foundry Company
Date Built: 1958

The Merchants Dispatch Transportation Company (MDT) was established around 1857 by the American Express Company of New York and is the oldest surviving corporate name associated with refrigerator cars. In 1880, the company entered the refrigerator transit business. Originally, the company operated on a small scale, but in 1887, built a large manufacturing facility.

The MDT/IC No.13715 was built by the Pacific Car and Foundry Company in Renton, Washington in 1958. It was a steel refrigerator car that used ice to keep the produce fresh. Towards the end of its career, the No.13715 was stored in the Pennsylvania Railroad & Conrail Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1994, the Merchants Dispatch Transportation Corporation donated car to the B&O Railroad Museum.

The MDT/IC No. 13715 was restored  in 2003 and is currently on exhibit as a theater car.


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