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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.17000
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Boxcar, Iron, 24'-3 ½ body length
Class: B&O Class "U"
Manufactured by: B&O Mt. Clare shops
Date Built: 1863

Early boxcars were built out of wood. However the B&O began  experimenting with the use of iron during the 1840s. During the  Civil War, the B&O built boxcars with iron bodies and wooden  frames. These boxcars were usually built to carry flour and  gunpowder, which was placed in barrels. In 1863, the B&O No.17000 was built at the Mt. Clare shops. The No.17000 featured link and pin couplers and hand brakes that were typical of its time. The  cost to produce the new iron boxcars was almost $200 more than  the original wooden boxcars, but the demand from the military to  produce these boxcars helped defray the costs. Despite their  durability, the new iron boxcars had their problems. The iron  tended to rust because of "internal sweating." By the 1870s, the  B&O had stopped production of these iron boxcars. The No.17000  and the other boxcars built at this time were also used for  general freight service. The No. 17000 ended its career in line service. In 1927, the No. 17000 and its sister No. 17001 were  displayed at the Fair of the Iron Horse.

During the 2003 Roundhouse roof collapse, the No. 17000  experienced some minor damage.


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