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Detailed Information

Name: WM No.1803
Other Number: WM No. 901803
Railroad of Record: Western Maryland Railway
Type of Caboose: steel, center cupola
Manufactured by: Western Maryland RY in Hagerstown, Maryland shops
Date Built: November 1936

The No. 1803 was originally built for the Western Maryland Railway in its Hagerstown, Maryland shops. The No. 1803 was one of the first steel cabooses added to the Western Maryland roster. When the No. 1803 first emerged from the shops, it was painted in the Western Maryland red and white paint scheme. During the 1970s, it was repainted in the circus theme of red, white, and black.

In 1976, the No.1803 was transformed into a "Safety Caboose" for the Chessie System's "Safety First Campaign."  In 1982, the No.1803 was sent to the shops in Elkins, West Virginia and emerged with a fresh coat of bright green paint and the slogan "Near Miss Program, Are You Doing Your Part." It was renumbered as the No. 901803.

By the early 1990s, it was one of two original Western Maryland cabooses still in service on CSX. The No. 901803 was removed from the rails when a CSX official noticed that it still used friction bearing trucks, which was a rule violation. After it was forced into retirement, the No. 901803 was sent to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. It was  restored and numbered with its original number in 2002 for the 150th anniversary of the Western Maryland Railway.


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