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Detailed Information

Name: WM No.195
Railroad of Record: Western Maryland Railway
Type of Locomotive: ALCO model RS-3, 1600 hp road switcher
Builder No.:  80659
Manufactured by: American Locomotive Company
Date Built: May 1953

Locomotive Weight: 123 tons
Prime Mover: ALCO V-12 Model 244, 1600 hp
Starting Tractive Effort: 61,500 lbs

The American Locomotive Company (ALCO) began producing road switchers in 1941. The RS-1 was similar to the ALCO S-2 switcher. It had a longer frame, the engine produced 1000 horse power and it road on four or six wheel trucks. Five years later, ALCO went one step further and created the RS-2. The new RS-2 was essentially the same as the RS-1, however it used 1500 horse power engine and was capable of hauling local and branch line trains. In 1950, ALCO introduced the RS-3, which was an upgrade of the RS-2 with the same V-12 four cycle engines. The new RS-3 used a 1600 horse power engine. The RS-3 had rounded edges and a low hood profile.  ALCO produced over 1300 RS-3's before the model was discontinued.

The Western Maryland Railway (WM) purchased the No.195 in 1953. The No. 195 and the other RS-3s purchased by the Western Maryland were used to replace the 2-8-0 Consolidation steam locomotives on the coal drags in West Virginia. The No. 195 worked extremely hard for the Western Maryland lines and it never had any major mechanical problems. In November 1976, the No. 195 was retired from service and was stored in operable condition. The No. 195 was sent to the shops in Cumberland for some cosmetic repairs before it was officially retired to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in 1976. 


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