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Detailed Information

Name: BOMX No.2066, "Leonard J. Buxton"
Other Number: Seaboard No. 6255 & 5123, Amtrak No. 4803 & 6006, RRP No. 6602 & 2066, 800376
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
Type of Car: Lounge - snack bar lightweight, stainless steel, 85' in train
Manufactured by: BUDD Company
Date Built: 1939
Dates Rebuilt: 1973, 1983, 1986

The BOMX No. 2066 was originally a 48-seat coach built by the BUDD Company in 1939 for the Florida East Coast Railroad, also known as the "Vero Beach." The car was later sold to Seaboard Coast Line Railroad and renumbered as the No.6255. It was later renumbered as the No. 5123. The car was acquired by Amtrak upon its formation in 1971 and was renumbered as the No. 4803. In 1973, Amtrak rebuilt the car as a 60-seat coach and renumbered it as the No. 6006. The No. 6066 was purchased by the Mad River and Nickel Plate Railroad Museum. While at the museum, the car was used in excursion service and renumbered as the No. 6602. In 1979, the No. 6602 was purchased by Railroad Passenger Car, Inc (RRP). The car was cosmetically restored and placed into service on MARC as a standard coach until 1981. The RRP retired the car from service, rebuilt it as a mid-train lounge car, and renumbered as the No. 2066. In 1983, a kitchen, snack bar, and a few dining tables were added to the car.

The No. 2066 was named after Leonard J. Buxton for his role in the establishment of the Railroad Passenger Cars, Inc. The No. 2066 officially retired to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in 1995.

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