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Detailed Information

Name: WM No.236
Other Number: WM No.7170
Railroad of Record: Western Maryland Railway
Type of Locomotive: GM-EMD, model F-7A, 1500 hp, road freight A unit
Builder No.: 17544
Manufactured by: General Motors, Electro-Motive Division
Date Built: December 1952
Status: Operational

Locomotive weight: 123 tons
Prime Mover: EMD V-16 Model 567B, 1500 hp
Starting Tractive Effort: 61,500 lbs
Maximum Speed: 65 mph

General Motors developed the F-7 diesel-locomotive type in 1949. The F-7s had an EMD V-16 model 567B engine and was available as an "A" (cab) unit or a "B" (booster) unit. The "A" and "B" units were designed so they appeared as an almost single streamlined locomotive when coupled. This locomotive was also equipped with dynamic brakes; a system which used the locomotive's traction motors to produce machine resistance and slow the train. The body of the F-7 was streamlined, which made it awkward for switching and local freight services. However, the F-7 diesels were one of General Motors best sellers. Between 1949 and 1953, they produced over 3,800.

The Western Maryland Railway purchased the new F-7s to replace their 4-8-4 and 4-6-6-4 freight-hauling steam locomotives. The No. 236 was built in 1952 and was immediately placed into service in the mountain regions of Maryland and West Virginia. In 1976, the No.236 was renumbered as No.7170 and entered into the Chessie System. The new No.7170 was never painted in the Chessie paint scheme of bright yellow, and by November of 1979, it retired with the distinction of being one of the last of its type on the Chessie System. Before arriving at the B&O Railroad Museum, the No. 7170 was restored to its original fireball paint scheme and road number. For the 150th Anniversary of the Western Maryland Railway in 2002, the No. 236 was unveiled again. This time in newly restored Western Maryland speed lettering.




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