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Detailed Information

Name: ASRX No.31941
Railroad of Record: Amstar Sugar Corporation
Type of Car: Hopper, cylindrical-covered, steel, 3 compartments, 3 discharges, type LO capacity 161,400 lbs., lt. wt. 58,600 lbs., Barber S-2 Friction bearing trucks.
Manufactured by: American Car & Foundry
Date Built: August 1964

In 1964, the American Car and Foundry Company built a three-bay cylinder hopper for the Cary Plastic Company. The hopper featured the American Car and Foundry's center flow design. The center flow design meant that the car had no center sill and made it possible to have a single hopper outlet in the center of each compartment of the car. The cylinders of the hopper measure at 50 feet and were designed to haul coal, rocks, sugar, etc.  The Cary Plastic Company was later known as the Domino Sugar Company. Eventually, the hopper was removed from service because of its friction bearing trucks. After the No.31941 was removed from service, it was stored at the Domino Sugar Plant in Baltimore, Maryland. The No.31941 was loaned to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in 1998.

The No. 31941 is not accessible for public viewing. Loaned to the museum in 1998, became property of musuem in March 2004.


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