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Detailed Information

Name: RPO No.35
Other Numbers: Ma & Pa No. 42
Railroad of Record: Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
Type of Car: Baggage/Railway Post Office, 50'-6" length
Built by: Ma & Pa Railroad
Date Built: 1906

The mail was a primary cargo for the railroad industry. By 1838, all railroads were eligible mail carriers. Initially, mail was carried in baggage cars, but this changed when George B. Armstrong designed a railway post office car in 1863. In the railway post office car (RPO), mail clerks were able to sort the mail on the fly.

In 1906, the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad, known as the Ma & Pa, built baggage car No. 42. The No. 42 carried milk, mail, newspapers, and baggage to communities between Baltimore and York, Pennsylvania. The No. 42 would later become the RPO No. 35. In 1942, a small postal section was built at one end in the No.35, so the clerk could sort mail. The No. 35 retired from service in 1954 as the only known surviving Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad combination car.


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