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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.382359
Other Number: B&O No.291477 & B&O No.295363
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio
Type of Car: Automobile Boxcar, steel
Class: M-27F
Date Built: October 1926
Date Rebuilt: 1936 & 1995

In October of 1926, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) built a  steel, class M-27A boxcar originally numbered as the No. 291477.  In 1936, the No.291477 was taken to the shops in Cumberland,  Maryland to be rebuilt as a class M-27B and numbered as the  No.295363. The B&O class M-27B was a modified version of the  M-27A. The roof was given a new shape, so the car could be used  in automobile service. The new roof was patented by John J.  Tatum, B&O Car Superintendent and was called an "XLT"" roof. It  permitted retractable racks to pack automobiles diagonally  within.

In 1953, the boxcar was once again reclassified and renumbered at the shops in Dubois, Pennsylvania. Now known as the No. 382359,  the boxcar was further equipped for automobile service. The B&O  used the No.382359 as a storage car for company records after the boxcar was removed from service in 1963. In 1991, the No.382359  was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum by CSX Transportation and  four years later, the museum restored to the boxcar to reflect  its original state as a single door boxcar.


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