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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.385897
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Wagon-Top boxcar, steel
Class: M-53A
Manufactured by: B&O Railroad
Date Built: 1941

Car Weight: 23.5 tons
Load Capacity: 50 tons
Inside length: 40.5 feet
Cubic Capacity: 3712 cu. feet

During the 1920s, the 40-foot boxcars were capable of transporting any type of freight objects and were one of the staples of transportation for 40 years. In 1935, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad designed its own innovative look for the boxcar. The B&O designed boxcar had a ribbed wagon top design. The No. 385897 was built by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1941. It was lightweight and could carry up to 50 tons.

Some of the wagon top boxcars survived into the 1970s. By the 1970s, the once popular design was considered small and lacked proper protection for cargo. The No.385897 retired from service in 1981 and a year later was sent to the B&O Railroad Museum.


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