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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.478627
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Boxcar, steel, 50', 70 ton, plug door, with Pullman Standard hydroframe 60, welded construction
Class: B&O Class M-78, later C&O-B&O/Chessie Class B-54
Manufactured by: B&O shops in Dubois, PA
Date Built: January 1964

The B&O No.478627 was built from a Pullman-Standard car kit, which was assembled by the B&O at the DuBois, Pennsylvania, in 1964. The No.478627 was built as a steel boxcar with a plug door and Pullman Standard hydro-frame and was classified as a B&O class M-78. It was later reclassified in the Chessie System as class B-54. The No.478627 arrived at the B&O Railroad Museum in 1995 and the museum made its restoration a community project. The Museum joined forces with the B&O Historical Society, and a local Boy Scout group to restore and repaint the No.478627.

The No. 478627 is not accessible for public viewing.



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