901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223
Detailed Information

Name: WM No.5279
Other Number: Chessie No. 951224
Railroad of Record: Western Maryland Railway
Type of Car: Covered Hopper, steel, 2 bay, 10 loading hatches, two bays, gravity discharge, 1740 cu. ft. capacity, 168,400 lbs. load limit.  32'-2 5/8" length over strikers
Class: WM class C-20, rebuilt from WM class C-2, Chessie class HC-33
Manufactured by: American Car & Foundry Company
Date Built: September 1941
Date Rebuilt: 1970

The Western Maryland No.5279 was built in September 1941 by the American Car & Foundry Company as a class C-20 steel covered hopper. In 1970, the No.5279 was rebuilt by the Reading Dispatch Company for company service and was numbered in the Chessie maintenance of way system as No.951224. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum received the No.951224 in 1996.

The No. 5279 is not accessible for public viewing.




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