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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.557037
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Gondola, steel with wood floor, with drop ends
Class: B&O Class 0-27M., B&O/C&O Class G-1.
Date Built: 1927
Date Rebuilt: c. 1957

In 1927, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad received the class O-27A gondola built; No. 557037. Almost 30 years later, the car was sent to shops in Butler, Pennsylvania to be rebuilt by the Pullman Company. The gondola emerged as a class O-27M. When the No.557037 was retired in 1971, it was sold to scrapper, Luntz Corp., who resold it to Standard Steel Company for  their Burnham, Pennsylvania plant. The No.557037 was acquired by the B&O Historical Society for the B&O Railroad Museum in 1995. While at the museum, the No.557037 has been restored and repainted.

The No.557037 represents the B&O version of the standardized freight car designed under the United States Railroad Administration. The No.557037 is one of over 10,000 of these boxcars produced at the time.

The No. 557037 is not accessible for public viewing.


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