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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No. 7105,"Oriole"
Other Numbers:  No.SCL 6305, AMTK No.2013 & AMTK No.2533
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Sleeper 16 duplex roomette, 4 double bedrooms
Class: B&O Class S-21
Manufactured by: BUDD Company
Date Built: June 1954

In 1954, the B&O purchased eleven stainless-steel sleeper cars from the BUDD Company and named each after birds. In June of 1954, the B&O leased the "Oriole" to the Pullman Company for service on the "Diplomat" between New York and St. Louis, and on the "National Limited." Later in its career, the "Oriole" was placed into general circulation on the "Capitol Limited" and the "National Limited." In 1964, the "Oriole" was removed from the "Capitol Limited" service. When the classes SA-1 Slumber-coaches were transferred to the Northern Pacific Railroad, the "Oriole" operated as a slumbercoach on the "Detroit Capitol" and the "National Limited."

In August 1969, the lease with the Pullman Company expired and a month later, the "Oriole" was sold to Hamburg Industries. While with Hamburg Industries, it was leased to Seaboard Coast Line as the No. SCL 6703. In 1971, the No. SCL 6703 was acquired by Amtrak and was once again renumbered as the No. 2013 and named "Oriole." Amtrak refurbished the car and renumbered it as the No. 2533. After the No. 2533 retired, Amtrak kept the car in storage. In 1992, the Baltimore & Ohio Historical Society purchased the car from Amtrak and five years later, the "Oriole" was donated to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.


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