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Detailed Information

Name:  B&O No. 7347, "Emerald Waters"
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Sleeper 8 section, 4 bedrooms semi-streamlined, heavyweight
Class:  B&O Class S-7A
Manufactured by: Pullman Company
Date Built: 1918
Date Rebuilt: 1931 & 1934

The sleeper cars were a reasonably priced and comfortable alternative to sleeping upright in a straight back coach seat. The Pullman sleeper cars generally consisted of twelve open sections and one drawing room. A curtain on the aisle provided a small amount of privacy and bathrooms were located at the end of the car. During the day, the sections consisted of a pair of fixed seats that faced each other and at night, the seats were converted into an upper and a lower berth.

In 1918, the Pullman Company originally built and operated the "Euclid." The "Euclid" was a 16 section sleeper with no private rooms and was used during the heavy travel seasons as overflow seating. Over the next 20 years, public demand for private rooms caused the 16 section sleeper cars to be underused. In 1931, the "Euclid" was remodeled by the Pullman Company and transformed into a ten section, four-stateroom car and renamed as the "Dalemead." The "Dalemead" was assigned to the B&O and ran on the main lines. In 1934, the "Dalemead" was sent back to the Pullman Company for remodeling and came out of the shops with eight open sections, four double bedrooms, and was now known as the "Emerald Waters."

In 1939, the "Emerald Waters" was painted in the B&O's paint scheme of blue, grey, and gold. The "Emerald Waters" ran on the overnight service between Pittsburgh and Chicago and was carried by the Capitol Limited. The "Emerald Waters" ran on the Capitol Limited service until 1948 when it was returned to Pullman and was used on other railroads until 1966 when she was retired and donated to the CP Huntington Chapter of the NRHS. The "Emerald Waters" originally came to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in 1975-1976 as a permanent loan from the National Railway Historical Society; the car was donated to the permanent collection in 2012.



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