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Detailed Information

Name: WAA/PULL No.7437
Other Numbers: WM No.S-3003 & WM No.940950
Railroad of Record: War Assests Administration
Type of Car: Troop Sleeper, 50'-6" car length.
Manufactured by: Pullman Company
Date Built: May 1944
Date Rebuilt: 1947

During World War II, the railroads were responsible for moving soldiers and materials for the war effort, while at the same time continuing their passenger services. The increase in traffic caused a shortage of sleeping space for the soldiers. The Defense Plant Corporation decided to order equipment for sleeping purposes that could be built as quickly and cheaply. The new sleeping cars were basically boxcars with thirty bunks and windows. The troop sleepers, as they were known, were operated by the Pullman Company and were built with Allied Full Cushion Coil trucks that allowed the car to travel comfortably at high speeds. 

In May 1944, the No.7437 was built for the Defense Plant Corporation by the Pullman Company. After the War, troop sleepers were no longer needed, so they were sold to other railroads to act as baggage, mail, and refrigerator cars. The No.7437 was sold to the Western Maryland Railway, which rebuilt in its Union Bridge shops and renumbered it as the No.S-3003. During its time on the Western Maryland, the No.S-3003 worked on wreck train service that served Elkins, West Virginia. In 1983, the No.S-3003 was renumbered as the No.940950 to fit into the Chessie System.

In 1988, the No.940950 retired to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. The car was originally displayed as a wreck train service car. In 1995, the No.940950 was restored to its original livery as a troop sleeper. The car was restored again in 2004 for permanent display with an accessible interior exhibit.


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