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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No. 7701, "Dreamland"
Other Numbers:  AMTK No. 2097
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Sleeper/Slumber-coach, 24 single rooms, 8 double rooms
Class: B&O Class SA
Manufactured by: BUDD Company
Date Built: February 1958

The "Dreamland" was one of two Slumbercoaches built for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad by the BUDD Company in 1958. The "Dreamland" began operation on the "Columbian" on March 8, 1958 with service between Baltimore and Chicago. Its service was later extended to the "National Limited" between Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. The "Dreamland" allowed passengers to purchased private sleeping accommodations at affordable prices. The car could accommodate 40 passengers with  24 single rooms and eight double rooms. Each room had a bed, window seat, and bathroom facilities.

In 1971, the "Dreamland" was retired by the B&O and was purchased by a private investor. Eleven years later, the private investor sold the "Dreamland" to Amtrak. Amtrak refurbished and renumbered the "Dreamland" as the No. 2097. The No. 2097 was operated by Amtrak until it retired in 1997. The "Dreamland" was one of the last passenger cars ordered by the B&O and was the last B&O car to operate on Amtrak.



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