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Detailed Information

Name: GRYX No.805
Railroad of Record: John H. Grace Company
Type of Car: Tank car, steel, riveted, non-pressurized, with two expansion domes, 100,000 lbs. capacity, Lt. Wt. 53,950. DOT type 103
Manufactured by: Unknown
Date Built: May 1918
Date Rebuilt: 1942, 1957, & 1964

The GRYX No.805 was originally built for the Texas & New Orleans Railroad (T&NO) in May 1918. It was built as part of the T&NO series 18000-18285 as a class AARRIII, single expansion dome, and 12,000 gallon capacity car. In 1923, the markings GRYX were added to the tank car. Over time, the No.805 has been rebuilt several times. In May 1942, the center expansion dome was removed and a new under frame was applied in July 1957. In June 1964, the No.805 was converted into a two compartment 10,000 gallon tank car.

In 1991, the No.805 was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum by the John H. Grace Company. John H. Grace founded the company in 1919 in Chicago. The company bought and sold railway tank cars. By the time he passed away in 1928, John H.Grace owned six box cars that were built in 1898 and 59 tank cars built between 1903-1920. Two years later, his sons formed a partnership and in 1959 the company was incorporated.


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