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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.9920
Other Numbers: B&O No.X-1800 & B&O No.912514
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Car: Flat car, depressed center, steel
Class: B&O Class P-26
Built by: B&O in the Dubois, PA shops
Date Built: October 1952

The B&O No.9920 was built in the B&O shops in Dubois, Pennsylvania in October 1952 as a depressed-center flat car. A depressed-center flatcar is a flatcar with special construction that lowered the center portion of the floor, extended between the trucks and allowed additional headroom clearance for taller shipments. The No.9920 was classified as a P-26. A year later, the No.9920 was transferred to non-revenue service and operated as maintenance of way No.X-1800. The job of the No.X-1800 was to transport a Koehring crawler crane from one yard to another. During the Chessie era, the No. X-1800 was only modified once, to renumber it as the No.912514 in 1983.

The No. 912514 was scheduled for retirement in 1994. That same year, the B&O Railroad Museum requested that the No.912514 be sent to the museum for display. The B&O Railroad Museum saved the No. 912514 from the scrapper. During its time at the museum, the No.912514 has been repainted and renumbered to its original B&O livery and number.



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