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Detailed Information

B&O No. 10

Name: B&O No. 10

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Locomotive: B 0-4-0 box car switcher

Class: CE-1

Manufactured by: General Electric

Date Built: 1909

Engine Weight: 10 tons

Tractive Effort: 4800 lbs

In 1860, the B&O built a network of track along the waterfront at Fells Point in Baltimore. The track was laid in a three block area and served the warehouses on the waterfront. The track laid at Fells Point could only be reached by tug boat and car float from Locust Point, which was across the harbor. Originally, the terminal at Fells Point was operated by horses because of an 1831 city ordinance prohibiting steam power on the streets. In 1896, the B&O decided to use electricity, which was a new form of power for the railroads. The B&O tapped into the nearby streetcar line and placed trolley wires over the tracks. They also purchased a five-ton single truck electric locomotive from General Electric.


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