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Detailed Information

B&O No. 376321

Name: B&O No. 376321

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Car: Boxcar, steel, Wagon-Top, 50 ton 41'-1 1/8" over end sills, capacity-3716 cu. Ft.

Class: B&O Class M-15 PD

Date Built: 1910

Date Rebuilt: 1936, 1956, and 1963

The B&O No. 376321 has been rebuilt several times to fit the needs and demands of the B&O. The No. 376321 was originally built as a 40 ton, class M-15 wooden car in 1910. In 1936-1937, the boxcar was converted into a class M-15 K wagon top. Twenty years later, the No. 376321 was taken to the shops in Washington, Indiana and was converted into a class M-15 NA with a new under frame. In 1963, the boxcar was converted into a 50 ton car, class M-15 PD.

The No. 376321 is not accessible for public viewing.



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