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B&O No. C-1775

B&O No. C-1775

Name: B&O No.C-1775

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Other Railroad: B&S No. 3 Type of Caboose: bobber, wooden 4 wheel with cupola

Class: I-11

Manufactured by: B&S Railroad

Date Built: October 1907

The wooden four-wheeled C-1775 was a classic "Little Red Caboose"

representing the widely used "bobber" cabooses that were in operation from the 1870s through the Great Depression. So called for the bumpy and sometimes unstable riding conditions, these "bobbers" served as a business office, rear-end lookout, and home for the freight train conductor and crew during trips. The cupola window at the top allowed better visibility for the crew. Some B&O "bobbers" were built at the Mt. Clare shops, while others were created at smaller shops affiliated with the B&O. The Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad (B&S), a coal and lumber line located in western Pennsylvania, built the

C-1775 in 1907. The C-1775 received a new owner when the B&O took over the B&S in 1931. In 1953, it was retired from service and restored for display in the newly opened B&O Railroad Museum. It is presently on display in the museum's Roundhouse as the only surviving B&O caboose of its type.



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