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Detailed Information

Name: Derrick Crane

Equipment Number: B&O No. D-2

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Date Built: 1878

The B&O No.D-2, derrick crane, was a hand operated crane capable of lifting 10-tons. The derrick crane was usually used at the B&O shops and track material depots. It was also used for light wrecking services. For greater stability, it could be anchored to the rails with chains and clamps. The D-2 crane was part of the displayed equipment at the B&O's 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse and became part of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum's core permanent collection. In 2003, it was damaged in the Roundhouse roof collapse. A comprehensive restoration was completed by the Museum's Master Carpenter in May of 2007.

The D-2 Derrick Crane is currently on exhibit in the Roundhouse.




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