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Detailed Information

B&O No. 1961

Name: B&O No. 1961

Other Numbers: B&O No. 9941

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Locomotive: Speedliner rail diesel car (baggage/diner/coach) Budd Company, Model RDC-2

Class: B&O class DC-4

Builder Number: 6506

Date Built: October 1956

Prime Mover: Two GM-Detroit Diesel V-6 engines, 300 hp each, Allison torque converter

Top Speed: 90 mph

In 1956, the B&O decided to use the Rail Diesel Cars (RDC) for long distance trips. The RDC was a self-propelled pocket streamliner that was introduced by the BUDD Company in 1949. The RDC had a lightweight stainless steel body that was powered by twin under-floor diesel engines coupled to torque converter transmissions. The B&O ordered two specially equipped RDC trains for daytime runs between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh via Washington. The new daylight run was named the Daylight Speedliner and the train featured three cars, two full coaches and a diner/coach combination car. All of the cars were powered by a 300 hp version of the General Motors RDC engine.

The B&O purchased the No.1961 RDC in October of 1956. The No. 1961 was renumbered as the No. 9941 in 1970. The No. 9941 operated between Philadelphia, Washington and Pittsburgh with a connecting service to Cleveland. The connecting service to Cleveland ended in 1958 and the run also cut back from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Twenty-four passengers could be carried in the rear of the car, while a kitchen cooked regular meals and featured 8 tables. The Daylight Speedliner cut almost an hour and a half off the old commuter schedule.

Unfortunately, it came at the same time as the new turnpikes and increasingly popular airliners. In January 1963, the service was discontinued and the cars were used for local commuter service in Washington and Pittsburgh. In 1984, the No. 9941 was retired from service and donated to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.


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