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B&O No.21 Coach

B&O No.21 Coach

B&O No.21 Coach

Name: B&O No.21

Railroad of Record: Central Railroad of New Jersey Type of Car: Passenger Coach Manufactured by: Wason Manufacturing Company Date Built: 1868

Paint Scheme:

Body: Medium chrome yellow

Letter boards: Indian red

Roofs, platforms, and steps: Grey

Truck frames: Grey

Window frames: Indian red

In 1868, the No.21 was built for the Central Railroad of New Jersey by the Wason Manufacturing Company. The No. 21 is similar to the passenger coaches of the B&O and other railroads during the U.S.

Civil War. During the Civil War, some passenger coaches transported the high ranking officials, who used the cars as their headquarters.

One problem with these passenger coaches was that they were difficult to heat because the stoves were located at each end of the coach. The stoves created a high risk of fire in the wooden coach.

The No. 21 and its sister No. 20 were acquired by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for the 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse, to represent a typical Civil War era passenger train. Since the Fair, the No. 20 and No. 21 have been featured in multiple pageants, fairs, and motion picture films around the country and have become a part of the core collection at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.


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