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B&O No. 917

Name: B&O No. 917

Other Numbers: O&M No.108, B&O SW No.200, & B&O No.911506

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Car: Office Car, heavyweight, steel sheathed

Manufactured by: Jackson & Sharp Company of Wilmington, Delaware

Date Built: 1886

Date Rebuilt: 1915

In 1886, the Jackson & Sharp Company built the No. 108 coach for the Ohio & Mississippi Railway. The coach was an all wooden car that featured individual, reclining seats and carried passengers between Cincinnati and St. Louis. In 1893, the Ohio & Mississippi Railway was absorbed into the B&O Southwestern Railway. Two years later, the car was selected by railroad officials to be converted into an executive office car and was renumbered as the No. 200. In 1902, the new executive office car was renumbered as the No. 917.

In 1915, the No. 917 had its wooden body removed and was replaced with a steel under frame and steel sheathing. For the next thirty years, the new and improved No. 917 rode the rails of the B&O. Occasionally, the No. 917 was used by the B&O's Maintenance of Way Engineer as a traveling office. Around 1941, the No. 917 was unassigned and was used as an extra car. During World War II, the No. 917 was reactivated and had an air conditioner installed. By 1950, the No. 917 had been removed from service as an office car, was converted into a camp car, and had a radio installed.

From 1968-1987, the No. 917 was assigned to the Bridge and Building Department as a sleeper and supply car on the Monongah Division. The No. 917 was renumbered in the Chessie System Maintenance of Way (MOW) scheme as the No. 911506 in 1983. In 1987, the No. 911506 was retired from service and transferred to the B&O Railroad Museum. During its time at the museum, the No. 911506 has been restored externally to the B&O's paint scheme of dark green and was renumbered as the No. 917. At the time of its retirement, the No. 917 was one of the oldest active cars on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.


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