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B&O No.C-2222 Caboose

B&O No.C-2222 Caboose

Name: B&O No.C-2222

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Type of Caboose: wood w/ steel ends, cupola

Class: I-5d

Manufactured by: B&O Railroad shops in Washington, Indiana Date Built: August 1929

The B&O No. C-2222 was originally built as a wooden I-5 with steel ends at the B&O shops in Washington, Indiana in 1929. It was one of 272 Class I-5 cabooses built between 1924-1929 at the B&O shops at both Mt. Clare and Washington, Indiana. Beginning in 1940 some I-5 cabooses were modified and reclassified as I-5D cabooses to be used for pusher service. Rebuilt with the addition of a concrete floor, increased width of 15-19 feet, and increased wheelbase length of four feet, these cabooses were pushed from behind by an additional locomotive in order to help the train travel up a steep grade. The concrete floor kept the caboose from being crushed between the weight of the train in front, and the pusher engine in the rear. In 1957, the No.C-2222 was converted into a class I-5D. It is approximately 33 feet long and almost 10 feet wide. It is constructed of wood, steel and concrete and weighs 62,700 pounds.

In 1970, the No.C-2222 was sent to the shops in Chillicothe, Ohio and re-emerged with the Chessie System yellow paint scheme. Working out of Fairmont, West Virginia, the C-2222 was then used for mine service until it retired in 1975 and was purchased by a private owner. By the 1980s, the C-2222 had made its way to Mt. Clare where the B&O Historical Society adopted it as a restoration project.

The 2003 Roundhouse roof collapse severely damaged the No. C-2222. It was recently restored in 2004 and currently sits on display allowing museum visitors to climb inside and experience life inside a classic red caboose.



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