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Name: BOMX No. 141, Lisa Ware

Railroad of Record: B&O Railroad Museum

Type of Car:  Passenger Coach (ex-Pennsylvania Railroad Coach)

Manufactured by: BUDD Company

Date Built: 1949 

Class 3, General and operational use

The Lisa Ware is one of several passenger cars donated to the B&O Museum by the state of Maryland that is currently used in the Museum’s passenger car service. The Lisa Ware was originally built for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) as 21-roomette sleeper by the Budd Company and delivered in April, 1949 as Class PS21B and named the Hamilton Inn  

It was rebuilt by the PRR for commuter service and modified as a coach for the 1963/64 New York World’s Fair. With this rebuild, the car was designated as a Class P85L coach and renumbered 1519.  For more information on this rebuild, refer to Chuck Blardone’s article, History of the Franklin Inn, in the winter 2011 issue of The Keystone of the PRR Technical and Historical Society.

The 1519 was used by the Southeast Michigan Transportation Authority and renumbered #101, serving Detroit starting in 1976.  It was purchased by the Maryland Department of Transportation in 1979, rebuilt with Head-End-Power by GE-Hornell, NY and renumbered MARC 141. In 1994, electric sliding vestibule doors were added by Transportation and Transit Associates (TTA), Hornell, NY to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act. It was donated to the B&O Museum in 2005.  

In 2011, the Museum repainted the car in its current B&O inspired scheme and it was renamed Lisa Ware.


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