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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.C-2478
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Caboose: steel wagon-top bay window, 24' body, 30' over corner posts
Class: B&O Class I-12
Manufactured by: B&O Railroad shops in Keyser, West Virginia
Date Built: 1941

The No.C-2478 was one of the original 100 cabooses to emerge from the Keyser, West Virginia shops in 1941. The No.C-2478 served the railroad for almost 40 years. In 1980, the No.C-2478 retired from service on the Akron Division of the Chessie System and taken to the B&O Railroad Museum. While at the museum, the No.C-2478 was repainted to its original livery. The B&O shops in Keyser, West Virginia constructed the C-2478 along with 100 sister cabooses in 1941. The new bay window and wagon top construction gave the comfortable caboose a unique appearance and made it quite functional. The bay window provided more visibility for the crew than the standard cupola. The wagon top added structural strength while remaining lightweight and relatively cheap to build. Although a successful design, few were built during the Second World War because of steel shortages. At the war's end, 25 more sister cabooses were built, but the design was soon abandoned for new construction techniques.. The C-2478 served for 39 years before its retirement and subsequent restoration in 1980. It is now located in the B&O Railroad Museum.


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