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C&O No. 377

Name: C&O No. 377

Railroad of Record: Cincinnati, Richmond & Muncie Railroad

Type of Locomotive: 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler

Class: Class F-11

Manufactured by: 

Built: 1902

Date Rebuilt: 1952

Locomotive Weight: 71.5 tons

Driver Diameter: 62 inches

Cylinders: 19 x 24 inches

Tractive Effort: 23,162 lbs

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) No. 377 was originally built in 1902 for the Cincinnati, Richmond & Muncie Railroad. The locomotive was first known as the No. 108 and was constructed for use on the light rails. Shortly after the purchase of the No. 108, the line was merged into the Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville Railroad (CC&L). In 1909, the CC&L went bankrupt and was subsequently purchased by the C&O. During the 1920s, the No. 108 was renumbered as the No. 1108 and in 1923, it was renumbered as the No. 377.

In the 1930s, the No. 377 was transferred to Clifton Forge, Virginia for service on the James River Line. The No. 377 was generally used for pulling both passenger and freight trains between Eagle Rock and New Castle on the Craig Valley Branch for the next 20 years. In 1952, the No. 377 retired from service and was intended for scrapping.

Around the same time, however, the city of Logan, West Virginia issued a request to the C&O asking for the use of a vintage C&O train which might have resembled the one that arrived in 1904 with the completion of the Logan Branch. The C&O agreed to age the No. 377 by installing an oil headlight, flanged stack, cylinder head stars, wooden pilot and old style paint scheme. After the anniversary celebration, the C&O combined the No. 377 with the ex-Hocking Valley wooden combine, No. 409 for use as a display train.  The No. 377 was considered a good-will ambassador for the C&O. After the completion of its restoration and brief stint in service, the No. 377 was relocated to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in 1971.

The No. 377 is now displayed as one of the oldest existing C&O steam locomotives.


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