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Detailed Information

CTN No. 32

Name: CTN No.32

Other Numbers: CTN No.30 & P&BR No.331

Railroad of Record: Canton Railroad

Type of Locomotive: Baldwin model VO-1000 switching locomotive

Builder Number: 70132

Manufactured by: Baldwin Locomotive Company

Date Built: January 1944

Date Rebuilt: 1955

Locomotive Weight: 120tons

Prime Mover: Baldwin 8 cylinder in-line, model VO (4 cycle), 1000 hp

Starting Tractive Effort: 60,000 lbs

The Baldwin Locomotive Company had a hard time adjusting to the arrival of diesel locomotive technology. When the company tried to catch up to the rest of the industry, they had a few problems. The largest problem that the Baldwin Company faced was that they tried to build diesel locomotives the same way they built steam locomotives. They tried to do custom diesel orders for each railroad. This custom approach led to productivity which was below Baldwin's competitors. After World War II, the demand for Baldwin diesel locomotives began to decline and in 1954, the company decided to stop production.

The Canton No. 32 was built for the Canton Railroad in January 1944 as the No. 30. In 1953, the No. 30 was sold to the Patapsco and Back Rivers Railroad (P&BR) and renumbered as the No. 331. The No. 331 had a slightly pointed nose with a full rectangular front grill and radiator grill outlets on top of the hood. The P&BR rebuilt the No. 331 with an 8 cylinder Baldwin prime-mover in 1955. The No. 331 was sold back to the Canton Railroad and the railroad renumbered the No. 331 as the No. 32. By the 1980s, the No. 32 was placed in storage. In 1992, the No. 32 was sold to Striegel Equipment Company and then to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. In 1996, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum and the Canton Railroad repainted in the No. 32 in the original Canton Railroad's paint scheme to celebrate the railroad's 90th anniversary.


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