Ellicott City Station
2711 Maryland Avenue,  Ellicott City,  MD 21043
Ellicott City Station:

Ellicott City Station

2016 Flood Report

The B&O Railroad Museum Ellicott City Station Remains Closed until Further Notice.

August 3, 2016:

Museum staff and representatives from Howard County Recreation and Parks were permitted access to the historic B&O Ellicott City Station late yesterday. We are extremely pleased to report that, other than some minor damage to electric wires and ductwork in a crawl space, the building is safe, secure and undamaged as are the artifacts and equipment within.

Given the Station's location at the corner of Main Street and Maryland Avenue and its north face at the confluence of the Tiber River and the Patapsco River, it is truly miraculous that little to no damage occurred. The north portion of the plaza in front of the station and the buildings across Main Street are some of the hardest hit areas.

We intend to continue to support our business and residential neighbors and the Howard County Government who were so hard hit by this natural disaster. Please keep them in your thoughts as the recovery and rebuilding of this historic mill town mover steadily forward.

Due to the massive cleanup and recovery efforts in Ellicott City, the B&O Railroad Museum Ellicott City Station may remain closed for some time to come. Please check back on our progress as we develop plans for this interim period and the Museum's eventual reopening.

Many thanks again to all of you who offered your assistance. We truly appreciate your loyal support and concerns.

Courtney B. Wilson
Executive Director

August 2, 2016:

As major clean up and recovery efforts continue on Main Street Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum officials have not yet been able to access the interior of the historic station as the town and county remains in a state of emergency. Some exterior photographs have been studied which show that the building appears to be secure. It also appears as though water may have entered the building at the lower levels however the extent of that intrusion is not known at this time. All windows and doors appear to be intact. A structural assessment will be completed by Howard County officials likely tomorrow or within the next few days.

I would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have written, inquired, offered to help and contribute funds to secure the museum's future. I will post more specific information as it is received. Please check back for further updates. Thank you for your concern.

Courtney B. Wilson
Executive Director

August 1, 2016:

The Board of Directors and Staff of the B&O Railroad Museum and The Ellicott City Station wish to express their heartfelt sympathy to the families who are enduring sorrow over the tragic loss of life from Saturday’s historic flood. To our Main Street neighbors, both residents and businesses, we extend our thoughts to you and send our warm wishes.

As of this writing we have not yet been able to assess any damage that may have occurred at the Station but until further notice the Ellicott City Station is closed to visitors. We will be working with County, State and Federal officials over the coming weeks to insure the preservation and sustainability of The Oldest Railroad Station in America.

We will update this notice periodically so please take time to check back on this page for further information.

Courtney B. Wilson
Executive Director

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