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Detailed Information

FGEX No. 32757

Name: FGEX No.32757

Railroad of Record: Fruit Growers Express Company

Type of Car: Refrigerator car, wood sheathed "ice cooled" car

Manufactured by: Fruit Growers Express Company

Date Built: 1923

In 1923, the FGEX No.32757 was built to transport fresh produce for the Fruit Growers Express Company. The Fruit Growers Company began operating in 1920 as a response to the government anti-trust suit against the Armour Packing Company. The Fruit Growers Company was owned by several different railroads, including the Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Seaboard Air Line, Baltimore & Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Norfolk & Western, and had a large fleet of refrigerator cars. The FGEX No.32757 was a refrigerator car that used ice to keep the space cold while it was being transported along the eastern seaboard.

During the mid-1950s, many of the Fruit Growers ice cars were replaced with mechanical refrigerator cars.


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