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Detailed Information

Name: Lafayette

Other Name: William Galloway
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Locomotive Number: B&O No.13
Type of Locomotive: 4-2-0, One Armed Billy
Date Original Built: 1837
Date Replica Built: 1927
Manufactured by: Norris Locomotive Works
Status: Operational

Locomotive Weight: 10.3 tons (original)
Driver Diameter: 48 inches
Cylinders: 10.5 x 20 inches
Tractive Effort: 2323 lbs.

By 1837, B&O President Louis McLane took interest in the Norris Locomotive Works in Pennsylvania. Their locomotives could travel faster because of the flexible 4-2-0 wheel arrangement and fuel efficient  and higher capacity horizontal boiler. These locomotives were named for the single connecting rod to the drivers and the builder, William Norris, and were coined as "One Armed Billy." The "One Armed Billy" was the first generation of American passenger locomotive power.

The B&O purchased its first of eight 4-2-0s locomotives, the "Lafayette," in 1837. It was the B&O's first locomotive with a conventional horizontal boiler. The 4-2-0 locomotive on the B&O were used for passenger service and pulled small closed coaches with end platforms and center aisles on the newly opened Washington Branch between Baltimore and Washington. In the fall of 1839, the B&O received its first 4-4-0 locomotives. Shortly after, the 4-2-0s were regulated to light local trains. Though this locomotive's design was popular at its inception, it was short lived; most were gone by the 1860s. In 1927, a replica of the "Lafayette" was built for the Fair of the Iron Horse. The "Lafayette" was named after one of the B&O's first engineers, William Galloway.

The "Lafayette" has appeared in the following motion pictures: "Wells Fargo" (1937), "Stand up & Fight" (1939), "The Great Locomotive Chase" (1956), and "Amistad" (1997).


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