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Detailed Information

Name: MARC No. 199

Other Number: UP No. 5902, UP No. 903684, RBX No. [?]

Railroad of Record: Union Pacific; Ringling Bros.; MARC

Type of Car: Railway Post Office; Postal Storage Car; Circus Car; Baggage Car; Ticket Office; Tool Car

Details: Steel, 85' Length, 82'-7" over end sills, 59'-6" truck centers, 4-wheel truck base (clasp brakes, 9' wheelbase), 10'-6" Width, 13'-9"

Built by: American Car & Foundry Co.

Date Built: September 1949

MARC No. 199 was built by the American Car & Foundry Co. in September 1949. It was originally built as a Railway Post Office for the Union Pacific Railroad. The car was one of three identical RPOs (No. 5900-5902). These three were among a group of seven RPOs that were used for mail service on the streamliner "City of San Francisco", which ran between Chicago and Oakland, by SP-UP-C&NW. It was painted in Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray, which matched the other cars. The interior schemes were also built to coordinate with the stainless steel passenger cars.

From 1950-1967, UP No. 5902 was used for Mail Service on train no. 101 & 102 of the "City of San Francisco". In 1967, the RPO was transferred to train No. 9 & 10 of the "City of St. Louis". It served between Kansas City, Missouri and Ogden, Utah. By the late 1960s the era of passenger travel was in severe decline. By June 1968, the "City of St. Louis" was cut back to no further than Kansas City, renamed "City of Kansas City". In September 1970, UP No. 5902 was pulled from service and retired.

The RPOs were kept by Union Pacific. In December 1973, No. 5902 was renumbered to No. 903684 for Maintenance of Way service. In 1989, the car was sold to Ringling Bros. who then removed and hollowed out the interior, which still retained its mail slots and equipment. The car was given a full silver appearance with the red and white banner of Ringling Bros. along the sides. At that time, all Ringling Bros. equipment received the "RBX" designation. In this capacity the car was used for storage and moving performance equipment.

In May 1992, the car was traded to the the Maryland Transit Administration for parts, renumbered 199, and utilized as a baggage car on MARC for a time. In the 2000s the car was parked out in front of Camden Station and used for several years as a ticket office. When that operation ceased the MTA would occasionally store tools and small equipment within.

In February 2017, the car was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum by the Maryland Transit Administration.


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