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Ma & Pa No.101

Name: Ma & Pa No.101

Railroad of Record: Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Type of Equipment: Inspection car - 4 door sedan Manufactured by: Buick Date Built: 1937

After World War I, the railroads began using converted automobiles to transport their local officials and track inspectors. The Ma & Pa No.101 was built in 1937 by Buick for the Harkins Funeral Home in Delta, Pennsylvania. Five years later, the funeral home sold the car to the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad. The Ma & Pa equipped the car with regular railroad wheels, a compressor, air brakes, and a sander. The railroad also added a full wheeled truck at the front end of the car.

The Ma & Pa No.101 replaced a 1926 Rickenbacker as the main automobile on the rails. The No.101 was given the task of testing the efficiency of a radio communications between locomotives and the offices. The Ma & Pa was one of the first railroads to use the in-cab radios and the No.101 was one of the first cars equipped with a radio. In 1972, the No.101 was traded in for a new "road-master" and was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum.



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