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Maryland Coach

Maryland Coach

Maryland Coach

Name: B&O "Maryland"

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Car: Passenger Car

Description: Four-wheel, swell-sided body style, 13" length, 4000 lbs

Manufactured by: Richard Imlay

Date Original Built: 1830

Date Replica Built: 1927

Paint Scheme: Chrome yellow with green under frames and roof; Canopy: red and white striping

Richard Imlay, a Baltimore carriage builder, built six carriages for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for use on the track leading to Ellicott Mills from Baltimore in 1830. Imlay used the pattern and design of the standard turnpike stagecoach to develop his rail cars.

The carriage body was perched on four un-sprung wheels and cradled by heavy leather straps, and a brake lever was placed next to the outside seat. These carriages were meant for use on low speed horse operation railroads and later, early steam locomotives. The railroad soon learned that these designs were impractical because they were unstable and passengers were discomforted by the hot ash and cinders blowing back in their direction. In addition, railroads found that passengers wanted the freedom to stand up and move around while traveling, which eventually lead to the adoption of standard rectangular coaches with center aisles and bench seats. In 1927, a replica of the "Maryland" was built for the Fair of the Iron Horse.

The car was named after one of the original six carriages.The car is currently not on display for public viewing.


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