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Octoraro No. 3 (diesel engine)

Name: Octoraro Railway No.3

Other Numbers: B&O No. 519, 9063

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Locomotive: ALCO model S-2 1000 hp yard switcher

Builder Number: 76183

Manufactured by: American Locomotive Company

Date Built: October 1948

Locomotive Weight: 115 tons

Prime Mover: ALCO inline 6 cylinder, model 539 (4 cycle)

Starting Tractive Effort: 57,500 lbs.

The B&O No. 519 yard switcher was built by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in October of 1948. It was later renumbered in 1957 as the No. 9063. After its retirement in April of 1976, the No. 9063 was sold to the Octoraro Railway, which was a small short line in southern Pennsylvania. Once again, the No. 9063 was renumbered this time as the No. 3. The No. 3 operated from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania to Wilsmere, Delaware and Oxford, Pennsylvania to Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The No. 3 was donated to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum by the Octoraro Railway in 1990.


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