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Detailed Information

Pump Car No. 1

Name: Pump Car No.1

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Type of Equipment: Hand-Pump Track Car

Date Built: c. 1915

As the railroads expanded their track mileage, they needed to keep the older track in operating condition and maintenance crews needed a way to travel to the work sites. The hand-pump car is one of the most recognizable fixtures on the railroads. It was first used in the 1860s and was disliked by the crews who operated them because they were labor intensive. The pump car could fit a total of 12 men. Some maintenance work required the work of only one man. For that type of work, the railroads used a velocipede, which was less labor intensive.

This pump car was used for demonstrations prior to the 2003 Roundhouse roof collapse. It sat on track 15 during the collapse and was severely damaged. It was recently restored in 2004 and was briefly used for pump car demonstrations and gandy dancer programs. Today the car is on display in the roundhouse.


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