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Detailed Information

REAX No. 7018

Name: REAX No.7018

Railroad of Record: Railway Express Agency

Type of Car: Refrigerator car - steel "ice" car equipped for passenger service

Builder: General American Transportation Company

Date Built: 1955

Car Weight: 39.5 tons

Load Capacity: 50 tons

Inside Length: 50 feet

Cubic Capacity: 2358 cu. ft.

Before air freight and the highways took control, the railroads moved premium perishable shipments in refrigerator cars or express reefers. These cars were used in cross country trips on passenger or special mail trains to deliver fresh fruit and seafood. The "express reefers" were a long version of the railroad standard refrigerator car and they were fitted with high speed trucks. Block ice, which was loaded through the roof of the car, kept the shipment cold.

After World War II, the Railway Express Agency purchased over 2000 express reefers. The No.7018 was ordered by the agency in 1955. The
No.7018 was one of the company's most modern models. It rode on roller bearing trucks and was capable of carrying 50 tons. Due to the decrease in passenger travel on the rails and the increase of air and highway travel, the Railway Express Agency stopped production of the express reefers in 1969. The cars were sold to other railroad companies to be used as mail cars.


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