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Thatcher Perkins

Name: Thatcher Perkins

Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Locomotive Number: B&O No. 117

Type of Locomotive: 4-6-0 Perkins Ten Wheeler

Class: B

Date Built: 1863

Manufactured By: B&O Railroad

Locomotive Weight: 90,700 lbs

Driver Diameter: 60 inches (original), 58 inches (present)

Cylinders: 18 x 26 inches (original), 19 x 26 inches (present) 

Tractive Effort: 10,350 lbs (present)

Paint Scheme: Headlight, pilot domes, cab and tender tank: Indian red; wheels: vermillion; striping and lettering: gold; cylinders, smoke box, smoke stack and under parts: black; boiler jacket: dark gray; bands on boiler jacket, flag holders, oil cups: brass

In 1853, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad built its first "Ten Wheeler" locomotives to tackle the tough mountain grades in what is now West Virginia. A decade later, this locomotive type was needed to meet the demand caused by the Civil War and increased passenger traffic on the B&O. The No. 147 was part of the first series of "Ten Wheelers" designed by Master of Machinery, Thatcher Perkins, in 1863. After moving Union troops during the war, the versatile No. 147 continued to pull both passenger and freight trains.

Originally built as No. 147 and later renumbered as No. 282, the engine was preserved by the railroad in 1892 for public relations and exhibition purposes. At this time, the railroad renumbered the engine to represent another Perkins "Ten Wheeler" built in 1863, the No. 117. The railroad applied the name "Thatcher Perkins" to the engine during the B&O's 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse centennial celebration.

It was severely damaged during the 2003 Roundhouse roof collapse and was restored and renumbered to its original No. 147 in 2010.


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