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Toddler Time

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Every 1st and 3rd Thursday most months from January – October.

 Circle and story times begin promptly at 10:30am.



Designed for the naturally inquisitive minds of toddlers—18 months to three years old—the B&O’s award-winning Toddler Time program celebrates the excitement of learning through various sensory exploration activities, helping young learners develop their motor skills and interact with the world around them. 

During the program’s circle time, children follow along with an engaging story and play exciting train games, building their knowledge and confidence.



2021 Schedule:


January 7

Story: Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree

Activity: Make a train whistle!

Let's begin the new year with some magic! Kids create their own train whistle to transport us from station to station during storytime.


January 21

Story: Freight Train by Donald Crews

Activity: Decorate a booklet of train cars!

Kids show off their knowledge of train cars (and coloring skills!) as we create an engaging and informative booklet.


February 4

Story: The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

Activity: Magnificent Train Invention of Found Materials

 Let's get creative! Kids use everyday items to create their own train - just like the characters in our story!


February 18

Story: Overground Railroad by Lesa Cline-Ransome

Activity: Assemble Your Bag of Belongings!

Kids learn about the role of trains in the Great Migration and create a bag of items they would need to move to a new town 


March 4

Story: How Kate Warne Saved President Lincoln by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk

Activity: Miniature Maps

Kids celebrate an important moment in Baltimore Rail history by retracing President Lincoln's secret journey to Washington D.C. with the help of the United States' first female detective.


March 18

Story: Pete the Cat's Train Trip by James Dean

Activity: Make a Name Trains

With help from Pete the Cat, kids practice spelling and fine motor skills with some hands-on, train-inspired activities.


April 1

Story: Easter Engines by Rev. W. Awdry

Activity: Make a Chick

Kids will create colorful chicks out of household items!


April 15

Story: Police Officers on Patrol by Kersten Hamilton

Activity: Visit the First Mile Stable



May 6

Story: Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night? by Brianna Caplan Sayres

Activity: Paper Puzzles

Kids will assemble paper puzzles to reveal a secret picture!


May 20

Story: Trains, Cranes, and Troublesome Trucks (A Thomas & Friends Story!)

Activity: Train Theater!

Children create their own train car puppets based on their favorite storybook characters, then act out an exciting adventure during storytime!


June 3

Story: The Last Train by Gordon Titcomb

Activity: Create a Railway Sign

Children learn about the history of rail companies and create their own sign for their person railway company!


June 17

Story: Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton and Tom Lichtenheld

Activity: 'What Does a Train Do?' Sorting Activity

With this humorous story, children explore all that trains can do with a hands-on sorting activity.


July 1

Story: Our Flag Was Still There: The True Story of Mary Pickersgill and the Star-Spangled Banner by Jessie Hartland

Activity: Discover Baltimore Landmarks!

Children create 3D paper models of historic Baltimore sites, including Fort McHenry, the B&O Railroad, National Quarium, Camden Yards, Pheonix Shot Tower, and Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower.


July 15

Story: Down By the Station by Will Hillenbrand

Activity: Which is Heavier?

How much does a train really weigh? Kids explore this question by comparing the weight of a train car to some of their favorite animals in a hands-on activity.


August 5, 2021

Story: Night Train by Amy Cronin Romano

Activity: Lights & Lanterns

Kids create their own colorful lanterns and learn about how trains stay safe and see in the dark.


August 19, 2021

Story: Samuel Morse, That's Who! by Tracy Nelson Maurer

Activity: Morse Code Creations!

Kids learn about Baltimore's role in telegram history and learn to spell their names in Morse Code!


September 2, 2021

Story: Curious George Takes a Train by Margaret & H.A. Rey

Activity: A Day at the Train Station

Just like Curious George, children experience the exciting features of a train station including getting a ticket, building a time board, and making a conductor's hat.


September 16, 2021

Story: Molly & Mae: A Friendship Journey

Activity: Imaginative Miles

Kids create a train's journey from their house to a friend's, including bridges, tunnels and miles of train tracks!


October 7, 2021

Story: Night Train, Night Train by Robert Burleigh and Wendell Minor

Activity: What is Coal? 

Kids learn how coal is formed and then explore how much coal they can shovel into a train car.


October 21, 2021

Story: The Spooky Express Maryland by Eric James

Activity: Trick-or-Treating

Celebrate Halloween with the B&O! Enjoy spooky story time and a trick-or-treating parade. Costumes encouraged!







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