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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.51
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Locomotive: EMC model EA 1800 hp passenger cab diesel -electric
Builder No.: 666
Manufactured by: General Motors, Electro-Motive Corp. (GM-EMC)
Date Built: May 1937

Locomotive Weight: 144 tons
Prime Mover: Two Winton V-12 Model 201A, 900 hp each; total 1800 hp
Starting Tractive Effort: 49,000 lbs.

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) was one of the first railroads in the country to adopt diesel-electric locomotives for its passenger trains in the 1930s. Arriving in 1937. the No. 51 EA was the B&O's first streamlined locomotive. Custom painted for the B&O in blue and grey, the EA unit had an elevated cab and sloping "bulldog" nose. The new design provided collision protection for the crew, was popular among travelers, and set a stylistic precedent for future GM-EMC (later GM-EMD) locomotives. The No. 51 was one of six two-unit sets that were placed in service on the "Capitol Limited" and other premier trains. These new hardworking locomotives were capable of burning fuel more efficiently than steam engines and required less maintenance. The B&O was so pleased with the performance of the No. 51 and its sisters that they decided to order 12 additional models from GM-EMD. One of the No. 51's fellow locomotives was so successful that it operated an entire year on the "Capitol Limited" Washington to Chicago run without missing a trip.

In 1953, the No. 51 was sent back to General Motors as part of a trade-in program. At the plant, the No. 51 was stripped of its usable machinery and sent to the newly opened Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Transportation Museum.


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