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Detailed Information

Name: BOMX No. 1
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
Type of Car: Flat car, approx. 54'
Date Built: c. 1955-1956

Listed as NYC 715708

Speculation that it is a F41 PRR flat car; however, probably not due to differences in the known F41's also purchased at same time.

Between December 1955 and May 1956, 500 F41 cars were built, #469500-469999.  Another 200, #469300-469499, were built between November and December 1956.  These cars had a capacity of 70 tons, and were general-service cars, 53'-6" long over end sills.
The F41 were constructed on General Steel Castings integral cast-steel underframes, and featured four crossbearers, compared to the two previously used on the F30A and F30D flat cars.  These cars were equipped with 16 stake pockets and fifteen lading-strap anchors on each side sill, as well as four stake pockets and two lading-strap anchors on each end sill and had a wooden floor with a deck height of 3'-5-1/8" above the rail.  Many of these cars received racks for hauling auto frames or auto parts.  At least one car, #469585, was also modified with Invert-A-Bin racks for hauling sand.
Although commonly confused with the so-called Commonwealth┬Ł cast steel flat ordered by dozens of other railroads, the F41 was actually a unique design.  Differing from the Commonwealth flat casting, the F41 featured a different bolster and end deck configuration, two exposed steel stringers that ran part-way along the length of the deck inboard of the bolsters, and a shallower end and side sill profile outboard of the bolsters.  The F41 rode on ASF Ride-Control A-3 trucks.

The car was purchased by the Museum in 2001 and modified to carry passengers.




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