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Detailed Information

Name: BSCo. No.57
Railroad of Record: Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Type of Car: Cinder Car, Twin Bowl, also known as ladle car, cinder pot or slag car
Manufactured by: M.H. Treadwell
Date Built: c.1940

The BSCo. No.57 was built by M.H. Treadwell at his Easton, Pennsylvania shop for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation around 1940. The No.57 was built as a cinder car with twin bowls. The Bethlehem Steel Corporation used the No.57 for transporting slag at the corporation's Sparrows Point, Maryland plant. The Bethlehem Steel Corporation donated the BSCo. No.57 to the B&O Railroad Museum in 1984 and it was physically moved to the museum in 1997.

The BSCo. No. 57 is not accessible for public viewing.


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