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Detailed Information

Name: Clinchfield No. 1
Locomotive Number: CC&I No. 1
Railroad of Record: Columbus, Chicago, & Indiana Central Railway
Type of Locomotive: 4-6-0
Class: G7
Date Built: April 1882

Locomotive Weight: 55.6 tons
Driver Diameter: 50 inches
Cylinders: 18 x 22 inches
Tractive Effort: 15,100 lbs

The Clinchfield No.1 was originally built in 1882 for the Columbus, Chicago, & Indiana Central Railway, which became a predecessor railroad to the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). First known as the No. 423, the locomotive was considered a typical freight engine of its day. The Clinchfield No. 1 has been owned by numerous railroads.  Around the turn of the century, it was sold to the Ohio River & Charleston Railroad and began a career of hauling logs and coal in Tennessee and the Carolinas. In 1913, it received the nickname of "Number One" when it was leased to the Black Mountain Railway.
In 1955, the #1 was sold back to the Clinchfield Railroad by the Ohio River & Charleston Railroad who then sold it to the city of Erwin, Tennessee for display in a downtown park. In 1968, the No. 1 was sold back the Clinchfield Railroad and was restored to its original form and operating condition. At that time, it became known as one of the longest consecutive running steam locomotives in the United States.
In June 1979, a cracked frame ended the career of the #1 and was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum in 1981.


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