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Detailed Information

Name: Conestoga wagon
Railroad of Record: N/A
Type of Equipment: Freight wagon
Manufactured by: Unknown
Date Built: c. 1830

Before the railroads, the Conestoga wagon was one of the most popular vehicles for hauling freight and sometimes passengers. The Conestoga wagon was famous for opening up the western United States. The wagon was built, so it would be able to float across rivers. The Conestoga wagon originated in the Conestoga Valley area of Pennsylvania and was constructed mostly by Mennonite Germans. The B&O Railroad displayed a Conestoga wagon during its 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse. Since then, the wagon has become part of the core permanent collection of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. Its history prior to the Fair is unknown. During the 2003 Roundhouse roof collapse, the Conestoga wagon was severely damaged. It was restored in 2004 by Greens Carriage Restoration & Museum.




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