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Detailed Information

Name: C&O No.DM-1
Railroad of Record: Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
Type of Car: Dynamometer car
Manufactured by: Standard Steel Car Company
Date Built: 1929

The dynamometer car was an important part of measuring a locomotive's performance in several categories, such as speed and tractice effort during a specific type of weather. The first dynamometer cars appeared on the railroad around 1900. As the technology of steam  locomotives advanced, so did the importance of the dynamometer car. During the 1920s, the dynamometer car was also used to  evaluate the designs of the locomotives and also assisted the railroads in deciding tonnage rating of specific locomotives.

The C&O No.DM-1 was built by the Standard Steel Car Company in 1929. The No.DM-1 was not only used by the Chesapeake & Ohio  Railway, but also by the Nickel Plate Railroad and the Pere  Marquette Railway. During its career, the No.DM-1 was used to test many steam locomotives, such as the Alleghenies. The No.DM-1 served the C&O for 40 years before it retired from service. The No.DM-1 retired from service in the 1960s and was transferred to  the B&O Railroad Museum in 1979.


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