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All New Spring Break
Thursday, April 18 & Friday, April 19
10am - 3pm


Turntable Demonstration: Witness our Roundhouse turntable rotated by a single person — with a rail car or locomotive on top!
Thursday, April 18, 12pm


Meet Sgt Robar of Baltimore City's Mounted Police and Big D's caretaker
Friday, April 19, 11am - 1pm

 Sgt Robar will be here to talk about Big D and all of his equine co-workers of the Baltimore City Mounted Police Unit. Kids are encouraged to interact with Sgt Robar and learn all about the new home being built at the B&O for Big D and the Baltimore City Mounted Police Unit. (Due to unpredictable weather conditions today, Big D the award winning horse of Baltimore City's Mounted Police Unit will not be able to make an appearance today. Big D's appearance will be rescheduled for another day.)

"Fair of the First Mile" is a fresh new spring break outing that you don't want to miss! This fun-filled outdoor festival for guests of all ages highlights the railroad's historical entwinement with horses and police as well as the present and future of these enduring connections.



The Past:


• Legend has it that in 1830, America's first steam locomotive, the Tom Thumb, raced against a horse-drawn rail car to demonstrate the power of steam locomotives. At the "Fair of the First Mile" children will have the chance to reenact this legendary race using stick ponies and wearable steam engine costumes, and to learn about the broader story of American transportation in the process!

• The B&O Railroad established the first railroad police unit in 1847. During "Fair of the First Mile, children will enjoy guided activities themed around locomotives, horses and police officers as well as a 10:30am story time each day featuring Kersten Hamilton's "Police Officers on Patrol".

• The very first mile of commercial railroad track was by the B&O Railroad in 1832. Families attending the "Fair of the First Mile" will have the opportunity to climb aboard the Mile One Express and travel along this most historic stretch of railroad.

• The B&O Railroad's Centenary Fair of the Iron Horse brought millions of families and railroad lovers to Baltimore in 1927 to celebrate the first 100 years of American railroading. At the "Fair of the First Mile", families can experience the essence of that momentous affair as they join us in celebration of the past and future of the proud B&O railroading tradition.



The Present:


• Along America's first mile of commercial railroad track are the aptly-named First Mile Stables: a state-of-the-art equestrian facility currently under construction for Baltimore City's Mounted Police Unit. Families in attendance of the "Fair of the First Mile" will be able to travel via train to see the site that will be the new home of the oldest continuously operated mounted police division in the United States.

• Families will meet the award-winning Baltimore City Mounted Police horse Dino, known as 'Big D' and other members of the unit on Friday, April 19 from 11am - 1pm. 'Big D' was awarded the Klinger Award in October 2018 for best demonstrating the values of honor and service as embodied by Klinger, a special horse who touched the lives of many in his life of service with the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) Caisson Platoon.

• Families will learn why it is important to build a new home for 'Big D' and his fellow equine officers in the Baltimore City Mounted Police Unit and will have the opportunity to give support to the building campaign.



The Future:


• September 2019 is the expected date by which visitors may board the Mile One Express train ride and enjoy an educational visit to the First Mile Stables: new home of the Baltimore City Mounted Police unit.

• The museum is looking ahead to the 2027 bicentennial of the B&O Railroad - an affair that will celebrate the past, present and future of the birthplace of American railroading.

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